The Eagle Group is a real estate developer and investor with a focus on high-profile residential, hospitality and mineral/mining properties that will create memorable developments and positive environments. It started over 30 years ago with Eagle’s Landing, and since then, we have developed over 80,000 acres. Our partners, whom we have known and worked with for decades, have a reputation for finding creative solutions for our developments and our investors.


The Eagle Group has been a pioneer in the development of mixed-use communities. The blend of live, work and play environments has been the foundation of many successful residential and commercial properties.

Master Planned Communities/Residential

Jubilee will be a master planned community in the Pensacola, FL area that will deliver the vibe of simpler times with the convenience of today’s connected communities, focusing on wellness and creating a community where people in all phases of life will come together.


We are focused on developing unique resorts, resort living and residential destinations. The Eagle Group is developing a 5-star resort in the Eastern Caribbean, with over 150 acres of pristine real estate and a quarter mile of beachfront. When complete, this 5-star master planned resort will include an ultra-luxury hotel, signature villas, residential estate lots, condos and retail. More details are available upon request.


We believe that mining and conservation can occur together, in harmony. Our goal is to selectively mine the most in-demand precious and strategic minerals while restoring and preserving the land around us.

Pioneer Mine

The Pioneer Group of Mines are historically producing gold and silver mines in the Oatman Mining District in Northwestern Arizona. The most striking feature of the property is the open cut that stretches almost a full mile and can be seen clearly on Google Earth. This cut was started in 1896 by miners using mostly hand tools such as picks and shovels as they mined the high-grade Pioneer vein that was exposed on top of the ground. Historically, the high-grade material produced from the cut has been documented to contain from one-fourth to one-half ounces of gold per ton.

River Birch Mine

Located in Kinder, LA, River Birch Farms is a 245-acre, mineral-rich agricultural property which third-party analysts suggest contains as much as 21 million tons of clay, 10.5 million tons of frac sand and 2.4 million tons of construction sand. This mine has the potential to produce in excess of 2 million tons of clay every year for 11 years, and as much as 850,000 tons of sand annually for up to 16 years.

Fluorspar Mine

The U.S. consumes more than 400,000 tons of fluorspar each year, primarily in manufacturing steel, aluminum, lithium ion batteries and other industrial products, however, 99% of it is imported today.  Fluorspar was recently designated by the U.S. Government as a Critical Mineral, and in 2020, the government also materially increased thresholds in the Buy American Act, which have opened up a $150M-$200M annual market opportunity for domestic fluorspar. The Eagle Group has assembled 400 acres of historically productive fluorspar mining claims in southern Utah that we are upgrading to position ourselves as the leading source for domestic fluorspar.


Our “passion for dirt” goes far beyond simply developing land and mining minerals. As such, we go into every project looking not only for the best use of the land, but also for the best ways to preserve the land. Our developments always have conservation as a core element, both in preparing the land and in restoring it. This principle of conservation will be at the core of every project in which we are involved. That is our commitment to the environment and the communities around us.