We develop with purpose. At The Eagle Group, we look beyond just houses, offices and resorts, driven by a vision to bring the places we develop to life and create communities and environments that exceed expectations.

This vision has remained consistent and clear for over 30 years.

Ron Reeser

Managing Partner, Founder

Under Ron’s leadership, The Eagle Group continues to grow and diversify its portfolio, including high-profile developments in St. Kitts, Pensacola and several mining operations. He has held positions of founder, chairman, chief executive officer and principal stockholder in companies operating in real estate, acquisition, entitlement and financing, construction, mining development and marketing.

Neil Paine

Chief Financial Officer

Neil provides financial oversight and governance for The Eagle Group’s portfolio of investments and developments. Neil is passionate about ensuring all projects have strong leadership and solid execution plans to win in their markets and to deliver forecasted returns.

Prior to joining The Eagle Group, Neil was an executive responsible for the rollout of gigabit speed internet across the country and oversaw the product strategy and operations for one of the largest cable companies in the world. Prior to that, Neil worked as a strategy consultant with a focus on finance and Capex strategy in telecommunications, media and technology. In his capacity as a consultant, Neil has advised telecommunications companies, venture capital groups, startups in various sectors, microfinance banks and federal agencies.

R.T. Edwards

Director of Marketing

In his present capacity with The Eagle Group, R.T. provides marketing and business planning support for the company’s real estate and mining development. He performs an important role in developing the master plan for The Eagle Group’s premier real estate development, Jubilee, a mixed-use golf course community near Pensacola, Florida, where he has relocated. An avid golfer with established relationships in the country club and city club management industry, R.T. is actively involved in building strategic alliances and promoting Jubilee’s championship golf course, exceptional clubhouse amenities and superlative lifestyle community.

Prior to joining The Eagle Group, R.T. held senior sales and marketing roles with global technology companies, particularly those with a focus in the resources sector, including oil & gas, mining and utilities. His sales leadership, entrepreneurial, team-building and communication skills were brought to bear in founding and running successfully, for seven years, a software provider in the midstream and downstream oil & gas space.

Charles Lawshe

Investor Relations Manager

In his role as Investor Relations Manager, Charles works closely with CEO Ron Reeser and all Eagle Group investors in each business segment. Charles provides advisory services to Jubilee Investment Managers, LLC in their takeover and development of the highly anticipated Master-planned Community, “Jubilee”, in Santa Rosa County near Pensacola. He has also assisted the partnership in establishing HOA sub-associations and document preparation. Other Jubilee activities are coordinating with the Army Corps of Engineers and the state’s Department of Environmental Protection for compliance and ongoing monitoring related to wetlands damage from previous ownership. From his many years of working with investors of all types and backgrounds, Charles has perfected the skills and processes required to effectively communicate with both the investor and regulatory communities.

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