River Birch Investments Successfully Closes On Mine

River Birch Investments (RBI), in conjunction with their partner The Eagle Group, announced they have successfully closed and taken the majority stake of the mine located in Kinder, Louisiana. River Birch Farms is a 245-acre mineral-rich agricultural property which 3rd party analysts project to contain as much as 21 million tons of clay, 10.5 million tons of frac sand and 2.4 million tons of construction sand.

“River Birch Farms is an important step in adding to the diversity in our portfolio of mining assets. By complementing our holdings of precious metal mines with clay and sand mines, we are putting together a model that “de-risks” investments while maintaining the significant upsides to alternative investments”, states Ron Reeser, Managing Partner of The Eagle Group.

To deliver on this strategy, The Eagle Group is putting together an array of mining investments that will deliver everything from precious metals (Gold) to essential minerals to high-value everyday use soils (clay and sand). By blending highly complex, high-value operations with simpler, more predictable mining operations, The Eagle Group is looking to create highly desirable alternative investment opportunities. In addition to its investment in River Birch Farms, RBI and The Eagle Group have also invested an undisclosed amount in Eagle Minerals West, a joint venture that will acquire and operate critical mineral mines in the western United States.

US mining operations have been in a boom period with a strong demand for raw materials for infrastructure rebuilding and improvement, as well as a continuing boom in the construction industry. “The demand for producing more renewable energy resources is increasing significantly with the new administration, so the demand for critical minerals will also increase significantly, as they are essential components in most new green technologies, like solar panels and lithium-ion batteries. Former President Trump and now President Biden have each issued comprehensive Executive Orders supporting the development of key minerals and improving United States-based supply chains. Add to this the continuing strength in the price of gold, and it appears that The Eagle Group is extremely well-positioned to deliver high returns on investments in its mining portfolio,” states environmental and mining consultant Mike McCandless, CEO of Resource Development.

The Eagle Group has over 30 years experience in large-scale community development and alternative investment opportunities such as mining. To learn more about River Birch Farms investment opportunities, please call us at (800) 889-1906 or email us at investorrelations@theeaglegroup.com.