Pioneer Alpha Ready To Mine

The Eagle Group has announced that the critical path is all set to begin mining operations by the end of July. “This is a very significant milestone for us, after four years of development at the Pioneer”, stated Eagle Group CEO Ron Reeser. “We have partnered with some of the best mining talent in the US and are prepared to start moving dirt and expect to realize strong recovery of gold and silver.“

Pioneer Alpha is the designation for the initiative. Pioneer Alpha is a combined venture between The Eagle Group and mining operations experts from Iron River Mining and SCAMP Excavation. The leadership team includes Eagle Group CEO Ron Reeser, CFO Neil Paine and mining experts and partners Mike McCandless and Shane Campbell. Eagle Pioneer Mine, LLC has its office and lab in Fort Mohave, Arizona. The Pioneer Mine is a historically productive gold and silver mine that saw over 10,000 ounces of gold recovered in the early 1900s, before gold production was suspended to support WWII.

One of the greatest advantages of the Pioneer Mine is that it is located in a designated Opportunity Zone, outside of Oatman, Arizona. “We began developing this mine before Opportunity Zones were approved in Arizona in 2018, so that has really been a nice, added bonus to our operations,” added Eagle’s CFO Neil Paine. “We’re grateful for the support of the community, the local government and our investor group that has made this happen. Alpha’s launch is an exciting step to bring economic activity to the Oatman region, and to advance Eagle’s portfolio of mining operations that will include precious metals, essential minerals and building materials. Coupled with the Opportunity Zone benefits, we believe we have created a very diversified alternative investment opportunity for our partners and investors.”

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