Introducing Mike Cook

2021 was a year of many accomplishments for The Eagle Group. We began work on an amazing property in St. Kitts, opened a Sotheby’s Real Estate office servicing St. Kitts and Nevis, closed on a huge property in the Pensacola market and launched mining operations in Arizona and Utah to deliver gold, silver, fluorspar and other precious metals and critical minerals. All of that activity dictated that we add some serious talent to our team.

Meet Mike Cook. Mike has joined the team as our Head of Operations. Although Mike’s focus has been on the mining operations, he will be an integral part of overall operations as The Eagle Group continues to grow in 2022 and beyond.

Mike is no stranger to orchestrating moving pieces in a dynamic environment. In fact, Mike excels in such an environment. Our Head of Operations is not only a talented businessman, he is also a
Hall of Fame Quarterback for William & Mary as well as enjoying a brief stint as a professional
football player.

When asked about the similarities in business to running an offense, Mike replied, “Certainly, there are similarities. As a quarterback, it was critical to properly assess each situation, often in a very dynamic environment and to make decisions based on these observations and assessments. Business is very similar in the fact that change is rapid and you must be able to adjust quickly and correctly. This is especially true in operations. And just as in football, it is crucial to get your entire team aligned. I believe it’s the team aspect in business that is most similar and that I enjoy the
most in my role.”

All of us at The Eagle Group are thrilled to have Mike on board as an important leader and team member. Keep the chains moving Mike!