Eagle Group Rebranding Initiative

Since 1987, Eagle has been driven by Ron Reeser’s vision of “Cities of Light”: Places that would form communities that harmonize the people, the place and the time. These “Cities of Light” seek to take the best of the rich history of each place, then apply new technologies and products to create captivating, positive destinations, environments, and projects – built for the people. That vision has not changed in over 30 years. Originally branded as “The Eagle Group”, we have operated under the name of Bald Eagle Partners for the last five years; but as expansion happened, we are now tapping back into our rich history of development by rebranding as “The Eagle Group”!

The Eagle Group has developed hundreds of residential real estate properties across the United States, with a focus in Georgia and Florida. With offices in Atlanta, Richmond, Pensacola, Arizona, and St. Kitts, we are now leading large-scale residential, hospitality and mining projects across the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Eagle has chosen Anthem Branding Company, a small and nimble organization, as an integral partner in our success. Founded and managed by recognized advertising industry leaders Chris Milhous and Dave Galligos, they are a proudly independent branding company with a firm belief that inside every brand’s heart and soul, there lives an “Anthem.”

So, welcome to Eagle’s new look that puts a fresh face on over 30 years of experience!